Known Bugs, Limitations and TODO

Frequency Mode

The frequency mode in gscope needs more testing.


It is possible to specify geometry parameters for the scope widgets for the gscope_test program, but negative position arguments are interpreted incorrectly.

Automatic Min/Max adjustment:

Currently, gscope requires specification of the minimum and the maximum values of a signal that should be displayed. Often users do not know the range of a signal. It should be possible to automatically determine the minimum and maximum values of a signal. These values could be used to adjust the minimum and maximum signal parameters every time the signal wraps around the scope.

Remote scope

It should be possible to run the scope and the program generating the data on different machines. A full fledged implementation requires RPC specification for gscope functionality.

Printing support

Data from the scope can be recorded in a file. However, there is no support for printing or plotting graphs.

Thread safety

gscope should be used carefully in threaded applications. Users must lock GTK data structures themselves.